Others have Netflix, we have «Sparx», our own streaming series about data and new technologies with the world’s most brilliant minds. Tune in!

Prometheus brought fire and wisdom to mankind – with «Sparx», we aim to ignite fascination for the immense potential that lies in new technologies and the intelligent use of data. They are the very key to success now and in the future. Get inspired by the world’s most brilliant minds!

With «SPARX», Trivadis is breaking new ground in addressing technology in its various facets to the wider public. We are convinced that the experts’ videos will help people to consciously consider the benefits and opportunities, but also the risks, of modern technologies. We are very happy to be part of this initiative.

Thomas Winter, Director Partner and ISV Sales & Tech Organization, Microsoft Switzerland

Sparx in the media

«Deeper» - the AI beer

"Deeper" is a hop-heavy Indian Pale with citrus notes and is said to taste very fruity. The unusual beer was brewed with the help of artificial intelligence. In the "Sparx" video talk, brewmaster Adrian Minnig talks about the adventure of bringing the age-old traditional product of beer together with the digital world.

IT Daily, 15 May 2021

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«The brain is not a computer»

How does human intelligence work? If we succeed in cracking this brain code and incorporating it into an AI, golden times could dawn, believes Swiss neuroscientist Pascal Kaufmann.

Computerwoche, 4 May 2021

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Data protection becomes a decisive competitive advantage

What are the consequences of the exponential growth in data? Do existing laws need to be modernized in light of this? And what is it about the so-called data fear? Marc Holitscher, National Technology Officer and Member of the Executive Board of Microsoft Switzerland as well as Head of the CAS Data Protection & Data Security course, gets to the core of these questions in this guest article and provides an even deeper insight into the topic in the video.

HWZ Aktuell, 22 April 2021

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How artificial intelligence helps ill children

Breathing ... taken for granted by almost everyone, a complex challenge for 18 patients at a children's home. Artificial intelligence (AI) helps them with this. It allows these girls and boys to grow up in a child-friendly way - outside an otherwise necessary intensive care unit. A moving report on how modern technology can give hope.

Bild, 24 February 2021

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Maximilian Janisch wrote his math A-levels at the age of nine: «I don't see myself as a child prodigy»

He wrote his final math exam at the age of nine and began his studies at twelve - Maximilian Janisch is highly gifted. In a NEON interview, the 17-year-old talks about friendships, his interest in black holes and the problems of talents at school.

Stern, 26 January 2021

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Trivadis and Microsoft launch video series «Sparx»

Trivadis has launched the series «Sparx» together with Microsoft. It is aimed at decision-makers and deals with new technologies and the intelligent use of data. The protagonists are various well-known keynote speakers.

Netzwoche, 16 December 2020

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