db* – level up your database!

You want to manage your Oracle and Microsoft databases efficiently and securely? Our db* product range supports you in this.

db* from Trivadis offers agile and lean tools for your most important operational tasks in Oracle and Microsoft database and application server landscapes. They reduce administration workloads in conjunction with enhanced operating reliability through the automation of standards and best practices.

As we have been providing the db* tools for more than 15 years, they have a high level of maturity, which has a positive impact on functionality and stability. In addition, sales of over 2500 licenses for the respective tools guarantee tremendous investment protection, largely because they are in widespread use and upgrade rights and maintenance agreements exist. We can also provide many references affirming their reliable and successful deployment at companies of all sizes, from SME to corporation. Just check out our customer stories.

Your benefit

By relying on db*, you will benefit in multiple ways. You get:

Simplified, standardized and automated adminis­tration of your databases

Compre­hensive protection against database failures and data loss

Cost savings through demand-­driven use



High availability? Standard.

Do you use the Oracle standard edition without data guard, but want comprehensive protection against failure and data loss? No problem with db* STANDBY, the cost-effective disaster recovery solution.

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On the safe side.

Want to backup your databases efficiently and recover them easily in an emergency? No problem with db* BACKUP, the clever all-in-one solution for database backup and recovery in the Oracle environment.

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Efficient and standardised operation.

Want to simplify and standardise the administration of Oracle database environments? No problem with db* BASENV, the solution for clever environment handling in online and batch operation.

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Capacities under control.

Would you like to use the capacities and resources of your databases proactively and in a business-oriented manner? No problem with db* CAPMAN, the framework for capacity and performance management.

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Back up, maintain and have the overview.

Want to efficiently maintain and back up your SQL server databases? No problem with db* OPERATE, the smart solution for database maintenance and backup in the Microsoft environment.

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Coding to go.

Want to increase the productivity of your teams through effective coding guidelines and static code analysis? No problem with db* CODECOP, your code compliance checker for PL/SQL.

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Roland Stirnimann

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